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WGTC is a unique opportunity for EMCC to serve the community while serving as an in-house public broadcasting system for EMCC news and events. Since its first broadcast in July 2015, East Mississippi Community College’s radio station on the Golden Triangle campus has grown its listenership through innovative content that includes original live radio drama. It produces the nation's only radio daytime drama, Hope for Tomorrow in which faculty members and students perform. The 25-minute show is performed live at 8:30 on Tuesday mornings and played back at various times.  

  • The station, which is commercial free, includes Mainstream Top 40, which is popular with students and features all the latest artists. 
  • Students in JOU-1313 learn to summarize and condense both local and national news, write it according to AP style, then deliver the news on the air at five minutes before the hour. Our journalism students get experience in writing and delivering news. Vaughan encourages his students to save their newscasts for future demos in applying for radio or TV news jobs. They learn everything from the immediacy of deadlines to how to properly enunciate while speaking on-air.
  • Don Rodney Radio Vaughan hosts The Seventies in the Seven O'clock Hour every Monday through Thursday morning right after the National Anthem. Don identifies every song he plays. Public speaking students choose songs they hear him play and present their interpretations to the class.  
  • Sports Talk with Eric Ford, Friday mornings at 10:00 (live) and played back at 5 that day.   
  • EMCC Radio can be heard at 92.7 FM. 

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