East Mississippi Community College complies with all state and federal laws regarding tuition for Veterans and Military Servicemembers.

Active Duty Military Stationed in Mississippi and Mississippi National Guard Members
As per Mississippi Codes § 37-103-17 and § 37-103-19

  • Active duty military and Mississippi National Guard members are considered residents.
  • Spouse or children of Military Personnel on Extended Active Duty, stationed in Mississippi or reassigned from Mississippi to an overseas location are considered residents.
  • Children who fit under definition (2) above, who complete high school and enroll full-time in a Community or Junior College or Institute of Higher Learning during the fall after their graduation, maintain in-state residency status as long as they remain enrolled and stay in good academic standing (summer school not required).
  • Spouse or children of a member of the Armed Forces who dies or is killed are considered in-state residents if they become residents of Mississippi within 180 days of the date of the death.
  • Spouse or children of a member of the Armed Forces stationed outside of MS are considered residents if they become resident of Mississippi and register with a Community or Junior College or Institute of Higher Learning.
  • Once a spouse or child is entitled to pay resident tuition and fees under the aforementioned cases, they shall retain residency status as long as they have continuous enrollment (summer not required) or have a medically documented excuse for withdrawing or not enrolling for one semester.

Active duty military stationed in Mississippi, Mississippi National Guard members, their spouses, or their dependents who wish to be classified as residents for the purposes of attendance at Community or Junior Colleges or Institutes of Higher Learning in the State of Mississippi, must submit a military certificate in accordance with Mississippi Code § 37-103-21 which is stated below:

A military person on active duty stationed in Mississippi who wishes to avail himself or his dependents of the provisions of § 37-103-17, must submit a certificate from his military organization showing the name of the military member; the name of the dependent, if for a dependent; the name of the organization of assignment and its address (may be in the letterhead); that the military member will be on active duty stationed in Mississippi on the date of registration at the state-supported institution of higher learning or junior college of the State of Mississippi; that the military member is not on transfer orders; and the signature of the commanding officer, the adjutant, or the personnel officer of the unit of assignment with signer's rank and title. A military certificate must be presented to the registrar of the state-supported institution of higher learning or junior college of the State of Mississippi each semester or tri-semester at (or within ten days prior to) registration each semester for the provisions of said section to be effective.
Note: According to the Mississippi Attorney General’s office, if military documents list the Home of Record as Mississippi, that individual is considered a Mississippi resident.
Veterans, as Defined by Title 38, or Persons Entitled to Education Benefits under Title 38 of the US Code
In adherence to the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 and MS Code § 37-103-21, as amended in 2015, the tuition to be paid by a resident of another state will be the same as the tuition amount of a resident student if the non-resident student is either a veteran, as defined by Title 38 of the United States Code, or a person entitled to education benefits under Title 38 of the United States Code. The definition of a veteran, or veteran’s beneficiary shall be administered and interpreted in the manner necessary to obtain or retain approval of courses of education by the Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

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