E-Commerce Technology

The E-Commerce Technology program of study is offered on the Golden Triangle and Scooba campuses as well as online.  The program prepares the graduate to plan, manage, supervise, and market electronic business operations, products, and services provided via the Internet.  This includes instruction in business administration, information technology, information resources management, web design, social media, computer and Internet laws and policies such as computer privacy and security, e-trading, insurance, electronic marketing, investment capital planning, enterprise operations, personnel supervision, contracting and product and service networking.

To receive the Associate of Applied Science Degree, a student must complete all of the required coursework found in the Career Certificate option, Technical Certificate option and a minimum of 15 semester hours of General Education Core. 

Students enrolling in the Business and Marketing Management Technology program must present proof of a minimum ACT score of 13 in English or equivalent Accuplacer scores for program entrance or be admitted to the MiBest program.  Please see the program advisor or counselor for additional information regarding testing times and locations.  As part of the degree program and graduation, students will be required to take the MS-CPAS (Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System).


First Year First Semester  
Course Number Course Hours
MMT 1113 Principles of Marketing 3
MMT 1313 Personal Selling 3
MMT 2113 internet Concepts 3
MMT 2313 or MMT 2323 E-Commerce or Internet Marketing 3
MMT Elective Elective 3
  Semester Hours   15


First Year Second Semester  
Course Number Course Hours
MMT 1123 Marketing Management 3
MMT 2343 Marketing Web Page Design 3
BOT 1493 Social Media Management 3
MMT 2133 Software Essentials for E-Business 3
MMT Elective Elective 3
  Semester Hours   15

--- Career Certificate Exit Point ---

Second Year First Semester  
Course Number Course Hours
MMT 1323 Advertising  3
BAD 2413 Legal Environment of Business 3
MMT 2513 Entrepreneurship 3
MMT 2613 International Marketing 3
BOT 1433 or ACC 2213 Business Accounting OR Principles of Accounting I 3
  Semester Hours   15

-- Technical Certificate Exit Point --

Second Year Second Semester  
Course Number Course Hours
SPT 1113 Public Speaking I  3
ENG 1113 or ENG 1033 English Composition I OR Technical English 3
MAT 1313 or MAT 1033 College Algebra OR Technical Math 3
  Natural Science Elective 3
  Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
  Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
  Semester Hours   15/16

-- Associate of Applied Science Degree --

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